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Thursday, August 07, 2008


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Perhaps some of our influences to persevere come from those that don't have faith in us or from the nay Sayers of our world that provide us the drive to prove them wrong. I would like to think that most of our own journeys are influenced by those in our personal and professional life that want to see us succeed. They provide support and council but do not tell us which bridge to take. They offer alternative perspectives and ultimately let us chose our own path. The difficult part is when you embark on your journey and you don’t have that all important input.

While each of our journeys are a series of connections as you mention, it is difficult sometimes to keep crossing those many bridges to only find that the path you have just gone down is yet again the wrong path. You can see your goal; you can envision every detail of your goal but without a road map it is like working in the fog.
With a road map of sorts (mentors, friends, colleagues, etc) one’s journey becomes a journey to somewhere and not to anywhere or nowhere.

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