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Thursday, July 17, 2008


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Maggie Johnson

Wow!!! You really hit this one out of the park!!!! I have been in the Nursing field for 20 years and every year I wonder why do I continue to put myself through this torture. I am a woman so this is a little hard to admit but let's face it, women can be very nasty. (There is another word that I would like to use and it rhymes with witch.)Once you "cross" the wrong person you are marked for life. Interesting how men can be at each other's throats one day and eat lunch together the next.
It has been my experience that the healthcare field as a whole seems to reward poor leadership by promoting them or allowing them to remain in their positions despite the fact that there superiors are more than aware that a problem exists. It really can be very disheartening.
As a new player in the nursing game I thought that honesty and integrety was a requirement but soon realized that for the most part it actually raises a red flag. It doesn't take long for your superiors (and I use that term loosely) to see you as a "Rogue Nurse" that they can not keep on a tight enough leash. Needless to say that unless you are willing to put aside your conscious and become a part of the "pack" you really don't stand a chance. It then becomes just a waiting game. Who will be the last survivor? I'll give you a hint, it won't be you. Once you have given years of service and sacrificed your health,your physical, mental and emotional well being not to mention family time then you finally realize that providing the best possible patient care and having good work ethic really means nothing, it rips away at your self esteem and makes you wonder why you ever thought you wanted to be a nurse.
You take what is left of your pride and move on to the next "job". I use the term job because by now it no longer is a career. It is something that you have invested too much time, money, blood, sweat and tears into to just walk away from. There is a little piece of you that still believes that most people are basically good and so you start all over again. If you are like the majority this is not the first or last time you will go through this emotional, physical and phsycological torture.
If Fairy Tales were real things would end well but instead you pick up the pieces and try to move on. I only wish that everyone could find a place where they are truly valued. I know that I am dreaming but what if you were told what a good job you were doing as quickly and frequently as you are told that you are not? It is such an easy thing to do and better yet it's free. Oh well I think I am waking up now so it's back to the real world.


That's good news, and it does happen all the time. I have to wonder who will say this to the bullies? I've tried, but if you're alone it's a bit difficult. There really are hospital cliques, and physicians protect each other at all costs.

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