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Friday, May 30, 2008


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We really enjoyed this post at Redscrubs.com - that's why it won an Honorable Mention in this week's Scrubby Awards on our site. Keep up the good work!


Amen! I think one of the biggest problems with allopathic medicine is the disregard for the whole human. The dermatologist looks at the skin, the cardiologist the heart, the endocrinologist the endocrine system, the orthopedic physician, the muscles and bones, etc. and there seems to be no one that considers the whole being (not even the GP, who tries to figure out which specialist to send the patient to), except possibly naturopathic physicians or wellness practitioners, whom frequently the traditional medical community don't take seriously.

Look at the forest instead of the bark on a single tree, and suddenly the solution to our health problems becomes evident. It is time we looked back at history and studied the healthy instead of the sick, to find out what they did right, in order to be so healthy. Traditional cultures were optimally healthy until they came in contact with white man's food. No heart disease, no cancer, no obesity, no type 2 diabetes. By looking back at how they lived and what they ate, we can learn a lot about today's health problems. For more on this, read the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Dr. Weston A. Price.

Thanks - I enjoy your blog!

Mike Quinn

The historical separation of body and mind...aka the Treaty of Decartes reference...had another unconscious casuality...the separation from opportunities for society to collectively develop a framework to evolve knowledge of how to assimulate the field of infinite intelligence that permeates the body-mind and can function as the perfect healer.

The human body-mind is part of a conscious, thinking field of intelligence. In every second of our existence, the local expression that we call body-mind is exchanging energy and information with the nonlocal expression that we call the universe. The only thing is, we're doing it unconsciously.

The tradedy of the separation of body-mind from the universe is to misperceive things as they really are. The body-mind is part of a larger mind, it's part of the universe, and cosmic rhythms can result in profound changes in our physiology. Nick uses the example of a coordinated symphony. The universe is truly a symphony of the stars. And when our body-mind is in synch with this symphony, everything is spontaneous and effortless, and the exuberance of the universe can flow thru us in joyful ecstasy.

To become familiar with how to assimulate infinite inteligence into our body-mind is is to acquire awesome power. This power is magical because it allows us to experience the body-mind as more fluid, flexible and dynamic than we can imagine. But first we have to undertand our true nature; we have to know the body-mind as it really is.

The field of pure consciousness creates, controls, and constantly feeds the body-mind. Get in touch with this field, and we have a completely new reality of the mind and a completely new experience of the body. We realize that we can change our body more effortlessly, more rapidly, more efficiently than we can change our clothes.

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