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Thursday, April 17, 2008


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Although there does need to be someone directing the team, to make sure it functions as a cohesive "whole", and to make sure the team does the bidding of the organization, a cramped, inflexible, management style can really hinder getting the best results from your team; But only if your team is made up of people who are really passionate about what they are doing. If the team is made up of people who aren't adults about their work, then that kind of team needs an inflexible management style.

People within both kinds of teams do disagree however and this is the place where management needs to go to work, by making a decision and settling the stale mate of the team. It isn't the job of management to completely dominate every decision and action taken by the team.


nice blog


Sounds like a worthy book for reading. I don't agree that "managers" are quote obsolete though. However the inflexible controlling style of days gone by are certainly not desirable. Mangers, leaders what ever the title, they are just words, it is the meaning that we attach to those words that make them significant. More importantly it is the style of "leadership/management" that is employed rather than the title of the individual. Industry leaders should provide intent and direction, adjust the heading now and then if you will, then provide the necessary support (tools, equipment, supplies etc.) to realized organizational goals. Finally when times are tough, it is the job of all leaders to not just tell staff to row this way and that, but to get in the boat and grab an oar themselves when needed.

Dale Ann Micalizzi

Thanks, Nick! Just what I needed for my presentation. Is it ok if I quote you? ~dale

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