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Saturday, August 05, 2006


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Mr. Jacobs,
I read with great interest your blog about Merck coming to Windber. I just moved here from Danville, PA-of which you have a picture posted of Mercks facility in Riverside. I think a plant out here would be great, however Danville has recently learned that their plant will be closed within the next 4 years with layoffs already occuring. I believe this is the same for other Merck facilities in the country. My hometown is very concerned about Merck leaving, as it will take with is a great portion of our population and/or leave many jobless. We were an old iron mill town, which died out when the Steel Mills became popular in Western PA. Merck and Geisinger helped to rejuvinate Danville, but now we are dying out again. I would hate to see this happen to Windber.


Nancy Crist

Hi Nick,
Commenting from Florida. I still read your blog always and this one made my heart beat a little faster. This could be the best opportunity yet and I hope and pray that it is. I am looking forward to reading about the progress involving Merck. Sounds like the best is yet to come and Joy played a big part in this beginning. Things do work out for a reason. Time to FLY!!
You can take the girl out of Windber but you can't take Windber out of the girl.
Blessings Always,

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