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Saturday, July 15, 2006


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Andrey Shovkoplyas


I’ve been working on practical application of Complex Adaptive Systems or Chaordic Organization concept since 2000. Around 2003 I’ve first learned about Dee Hock and visited Chaordic Commons website. On the one hand I’ve been amazed by their work on another by similarities in our thinking. Since then Dee and his thinking remains one of my main inspirations.

As to how utopian some people may see current advances in the research of CAS and its practical application, I think it can be compared to the history of Aviation. I’m sure there were days when many thought that the Vision of People flying in hours from one continent to another was utopian.

You may want to visit our website. I’d be very interested to see what you’d think about our Initiative: www.imagine-web.com


Andrey Shovkoplyas
Founder & CEO
ImagineWeb Ltd.

P.S.: I’ve recently tried to contact about sixty individuals listed as members of Chaordic Commons, but have failed to reach any of them. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Ron Davison

Nick, I'll have to read more of your blog and about your company. A CEO in praise of Dee Hock! How cool is that?

I do believe that there are times when progress is best served by striving to achieve within the existing order (think corporate advances in the mid to late 1900s) and times when progress is best served by striving to recreate a new order (think protestant revolt in the 16th century, democratic revolt in the 18th, and corporate revolution in the 21st). Obviously (hopefully) this corporate revolution won't involve bloodshed, but it will involve similarly disconcerting adjustments of beliefs and mindsets.

Thanks for seeing beyond your company and role to something bigger.


another new wave utopian fantasy. but you're entitled.

funny how education always leaves you searchin'...

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