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Saturday, April 01, 2006


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People are less moral than 30 years ago

Jan Jennings


You inspired me to put up a Blog: JanJennings.blogspot.com. We met with Elliance.com yesterday, our webmaster, and they said that the Google crawlers and spiders enrich content climbing on the search engine the more people you have that link to your Blog and the more people you link to other people's Blog. So, I would like to have your permission to add a link to "Nick's Blog". Is it possible for you to do the same? I did not see a link's point to blogs on your site . . . but there may well be one???

Please advise,


Beverly Bowman

Hi Nick, This is for you--if you should get it.
I'm new & mostly lost in this computer world but I have really enjoyed reading your "blogs"(another new word) Keep up the good work.

Cousin, Beverly


Nick, if (heaven forbid) a bird flu pandemic does break out, will the Homeland Security threat level be raised first to Ernie, or does it go straight to Elmo?

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